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Volume 95 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 2008
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 0996

Missing Out on a Nobel Prize
p. 0997 | Balaram, P.

More on D. D. Pant
p. 0999 | Guha, Ramachandra

Let the earth help us to save the earth
p. 0999 | Schuiling, R. D.

Who won at Beijing 2008?
p. 1000 | Prathap, Gangan

CSIR-UGC NET life sciences exam: Need for a perceptional change
p. 1000 | Kandavel, D.

No objection to apply for jobs
p. 1001 | Sarma, V. Venkateswara

Conservation of Painted Stork habitats in Andhra Pradesh
p. 1001 | Pattanaik, Chiranjibi; Prasad, S. Narendra; Murthy, E. N.; Reddy, C. Sudhakar

Floods in Punjab: Can the role of the inhabitants be neglected?
p. 1002 | Vashisht, A. K.

Role for private universities in developing higher education in India
p. 1003 | Kumar, G. Naresh

Sporidiobolus pararoseus Fell & Tallman - an antagonistic yeast with biocontrol potential
p. 1003 | Sharma, R. N.; Maharshi, R. P.; Gaur, R. B.

Conservation status and distribution range of Ixora johnsoni Hook. f. (Rubiaceae)
p. 1004 | Prasanthkumar, M. G.; Sujanapal, P.

Seismic hazard in Asia
p. 1006 | Parvez, Imtiyaz A.

The violet universe
p. 1006 | Rosalind, Ezhil K.

Global warming: Its impact on India
p. 1008 | Sheth, Parul R.

Research News
Toxins to drugs: The case of botulinum toxin
p. 1009 | Sheth, Parul R.

Impact of retreat of Gangotri glacier on the flow of Ganga River
p. 1012 | Jain, Sharad K.

Sustainable forest management through community participation
p. 1015 | Kotwal, P. C.; Omprakash, M. D.; Kandari, L. S.; Mali, K. P.; Badyal, Mohit; Mishra, Apurva

Abiogenic origin of petroleum hydrocarbons: Need to rethink exploration strategies
p. 1018 | Paropkari, Anil L.

General Articles
Did biotic impoverishment facilitate phenomenal diversification in Sri Lanka?
p. 1021 | Biswas, Sayantan

Research Articles
Bose-Einstein condensation in optical traps and in a 1D optical lattice
p. 1026 | Chaudhuri, Saptarishi; Roy, Sanjukta; Unnikrishnan, C. S.

Radioprotective properties of Gentiana dinarica polyphenols on human lymphocytes in vitro
p. 1035 | Petrovic, Sandra; Leskovac, Andreja; Joksić, Gordana

Economic evaluation of sediments as a source of plant nutrients
p. 1042 | Karanam, Padmaja V.; Wani, S. P.; Sahrawat, K. L.; Jangawad, L. S.

Identification of candidate gene-based markers (SNPs and SSRs) in the zinc and iron transporter sequences of maize (Zea mays L. )
p. 1051 | Sharma, Arti; Chauhan, R. S.

Identification of water-bearing fractured zones using electrical conductivity logging in granitic terrain, Andhra Pradesh, India
p. 1060 | Dhakate, Ratnakar; Singh, V. S.

Research Communications
Geoelectrical characterization of zones of disintegration in a crystalline basement environment
p. 1067 | Singh, V. S.; Rao, V. Anand; Dhakate, Ratnakar; Korowe, M. O.

Liquefaction features of the 2005 Muzaffarabad-Kashmir earthquake and evidence of palaeoearthquakes near Jammu, Kashmir Himalaya
p. 1071 | Jayangondaperumal, R.; Thakur, V. C.; Suresh, N.

Synchronization of flowering in parental lines of sunflower hybrid TCSH-1 under north-Indian conditions
p. 1077 | Chakrabarty, S. K.

Status, threats and conservation of the Great Indian Bustard Ardeotis nigriceps (Vigors) in Pakistan
p. 1079 | Khan, Aleem Ahmed; Khaliq, Imran; Choudhry, Muhammad Jamshed Iqbal; Farooq, Amjad; Hussain, Nazim

Book Reviews
Open Access to Knowledge and Information: Scholarly Literature and Digital Library Initiatives - The South Asian Scenaria by A. K. Das
p. 1083 | Madras, Giridhar

Biosecurity by P. K. Shetty, Ajay Parida and M. S. Swaminathan (eds)
p. 1083 | Bhatia, C. R.

Bioinformatics: Principles and Applications by Zhumur Ghosh and Bibekanand Mallick
p. 1085 | Krishnaswamy, S.

Annual Review of Public Health, 2008 by J. E. Fielding, R. C. Brownson and L. W. Green (eds)
p. 1086 | Sankar, K. V. Kiruba

Personal News
R. C. Srivastava (1952-2008)
p. 1088 | Aiyagari, V. Rao; Balaram, P.

p. 1089

Emerging Trends in Remote Sensing: Imaging Spectroscopy and Natural Resource Mapping
p. 1090

Conference Announcement
p. 1090

p. 1091

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany
p. 1091

Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune
p. 1092

p. 1092

p. 1093

4th Advanced School on Nanoscience and Technology
p. 1093

p. 1094

Department of Physics - M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
p. 1094

p. 1094

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