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Volume 96 - Issue 01: 10 Jan, 2009
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0004

Anniversaries at the Academies
p. 0005 | Balaram, P.

Making science-related jobs (less) attractive
p. 0007 | Dhawan, Sunil K.

Need for fixing priorities in higher education system
p. 0008 | Nagar, P. K.

Sharing biomedical journals in India
p. 0008 | Narahari, S. R.; Guruprasad Aggithaya, M.; Suraj, K. R.

Re-thinking on medical admission for science and healthcare
p. 0009 | Thomas, Shaju

Beneficial effects of shifting cultivation (jhum)
p. 0010 | Paul, Mithu; Paul, Partha Pratim

Looking East: familial support as a crucial predictor of treatment management in psychiatric illnesses?
p. 0010 | Srivastava, Vibhuti

Need for conservation of biodiversity in Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0011 | Pattanaik, Chiranjibi; Prasad, S. Narendra; Reddy, C. Sudhakar

Radioecological sensitivity in coastal marine food resources of India - need for a reference model database
p. 0012 | Regunathan, C.; Kitto, M. R.

Unravelling climate change
p. 0014 | Pereira, Neelam

RT-PCR technique for rapid detection of CHIK virus
p. 0014 | Rajput, Abhay S. D.

2008 Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar prizes
p. 0015 | Rajput, Abhay S. D.

CSIR Young Scientist and CSIR Technology Awards 2008
p. 0015 | Rajput, Abhay S. D.

Meeting Report
Noni Search 2008
p. 0016 | Singh, Kirti; Peter, P. I.; Rethinam, P.; Singh, Brahma; Marimuthu, T.; Peter, K. V.

Sericulture and viable technologies for better silk production
p. 0017 | Unni, B. G.; Murthy, U. S. N.

Community-based sustainable natural resources management and development in Northeast India
p. 0019 | Singh, Ranjay K.; Srivastava, R. C.; Mukherjee, T. K.

Research News
Treatment of brain fever - breakthrough in sight
p. 0022 | Rosalind Ezhil K.

Integrating geo-spatial information technologies and participatory methods in agricultural development
p. 0023 | Reddy, M. Narayana; Rao, N. H.

Food security: The challenges of climate change and bioenergy
p. 0026 | Gahukar, R. T.

Scientific Correspondence
Tungsten-cobalt contamination from pulverizing cup
p. 0029 | Saikia, G. C.; Sinha, T. K.; Kharshiing, F.

Elysia bangtawaensis Swennen (Nudibranch) from the mangrove habitat of Mandovi estuary, Goa (central west coast), India
p. 0030 | Jagtap, Tanaji G.; Shenai-Tirodkar, Prachi; Savant, S. B.; Kulkarni, V. A.; Ansari, Z. A.

Was Bundelkhand-Aravalli nucleus part of Ur supercontinent?
p. 0033 | Mondal, M. E. A.

General Articles
Methane emission modelling from wetlands and waterlogged areas using MODIS data
p. 0036 | Agarwal, Reshu; Garg, J. K.

Problems with geoengineering schemes to combat climate change
p. 0041 | Bala, G.

Research Articles
Temporal evolution of measured climate forcing agents at South Pole, Antarctica
p. 0049 | Ghude, Sachin D.; Jain, S. L.; Arya, B. C.

Structural characteristics of a giant tropical liana and its mode of canopy spread in an alien environment
p. 0058 | Maheshwari, Ramesh; Rao, K. Sankara; Ramachandra, T. V.

Skull of Minotaurasaurus ramachandrani, a new Cretaceous ankylosaur from the Gobi Desert
p. 0065 | Miles, Clifford A.; Miles, Clark J.

Special Section: Large Branchiopods (Guest Editors: T. J. Pandian and N. Munuswamy)
Distribution of Indian clam shrimps (Branchiopoda: Crustacea)
p. 0071 | Prasad, M. K. Durga; Simhachalam, G.

Biodiversity of large branchiopods of Australian saline lakes
p. 0074 | Timms, Brian V.

Biodiversity of the brine shrimp Artemia from tropical salterns in southern México and Cuba
p. 0081 | Tizol-correa, Rafael; Maeda-martínez, Alejandro M.; Weekers, Peter H. H.; Torrentera, Laura; Murugan, Gopal

Experimental hybridization of two African Streptocephalus species (Crustacea, Branchiopoda: Anostraca)
p. 0088 | Dumont, Henri J.; Adriaens, Els

Experimental hybridization of two African Streptocephalus species (Crustacea, Branchiopoda: Anostraca)
p. 0088 | Dumont, Henri J.; Adriaens, Els

Reproduction of the tadpole shrimp Triops (Notostraca) in Mexican waters
p. 0091 | García-velazco, Humberto; Obregón-barboza, Hortencia; Rodríguez-jaramillo, Carmen; Maeda-martínez, Alejandro M.

Reproduction of the tadpole shrimp Triops (Notostraca) in Mexican waters
p. 0091 | García-velazco, Humberto; Obregón-barboza, Hortencia; Rodríguez-jaramillo, Carmen; Maeda-martínez, Alejandro M.

Can males successfully invade hermaphroditic populations of clam shrimp (Eulimnadia texana)?
p. 0098 | Weeks, Stephen C.

Embryonic development and occurrence of p26 and artemin-like protein in the cryptobiotic cysts of freshwater fairy shrimp, Streptocephalus dichotomus Baird
p. 0103 | Munuswamy, N.; Sathyanarayanan, S.; Priyadarshini, A.

Species representation and gender proportion from mixed Artemia franciscana and A. parthenogenetica (Anostraca) commercial cysts hatched over a wide range of temperatures
p. 0111 | Campos-ramos, Rafael; Obregón-barboza, Hortencia; Maeda-martínez, Alejandro M.

Survival, growth and composition of Poecilia latipinna fry fed enriched Artemia nauplii
p. 0114 | Arulvasu, C.; Munuswamy, N.

Aerobic Gram-positive heterotrophic bacteria Exiguobacterium mexicanum and Microbacterium sp. in the gut lumen of Artemia franciscana larvae under gnotobiotic conditions
p. 0120 | Orozco-medina, César; López-cortés, Alejandro; Maeda-martínez, Alejandro M.

Multiple hatching events in clam shrimp: Implications for mate guarding behaviour and community ecology
p. 0130 | Benvenuto, C.; Calabrese, A.; Reed, S. K.; Knott, B.

Research Communications
Procreant PSO for fastening the convergence to optimal solution in the application of document clustering
p. 0137 | Premalatha, K.; Natarajan, A. M.

Gender variation in a threatened and endemic palm Trachycarpus takil Becc.
p. 0144 | Kholia, B. S.

Water repellency of soils in the lower Himalayan regions of India: impact of land use
p. 0148 | Mandal, Debashis; Jayaprakash, J.

Salinity status of tsunami-affected soil and water resources of South Andaman, India
p. 0152 | Raja, R.; Chaudhuri, S. Ghoshal; Ravisankar, N.; Swarnam, T. P.; Jayakumar, V.; Srivastava, R. C.

Intensity of shape preferred orientation in a granite and its tectonic implications
p. 0156 | Majumder, Sukhen; Mamtani, Manish A.

Book Reviews
Experimenting with the Quantum World by S. T. Lakshmikumar
p. 0161 | Priolkar, Kaustubh R. S.

Fundamentals of Genetics by G. S. Miglani
p. 0162 | Burma, Pradeep Kumar

Global Warming: There is Still Time to Act by Alok Bhattacharya
p. 0164 | Joshi, Yateendra

Personal News
K. R. Rao - A remembrance (1936-2008)
p. 0165 | Dasannacharya, B. A.

Banaras Hindu University
p. 0166

p. 0167

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p. 0170

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics
p. 0170

Osmania University
p. 0171

p. 0171

School of Chemical Sciences
p. 0172

West Bengal University of Technology
p. 0172

p. 0172

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