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Volume 96 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 2009
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0624

Biology in India: Through the Looking Glass
p. 0625 | Balaram, P.

Is resorting to 'lowest quote' a saner practice?
p. 0627 | Sarma, V. Venkateswara

Group of altruistic people needed to fill the education gap
p. 0627 | Bera, Rajendra K.

National Knowledge Commission and higher education system
p. 0628 | Nagar, P. K.

NET (CSIR-UGC) examination scheme in life science needs to be revised
p. 0628 | Dagla, H. R.

Yes, scientists also need money
p. 0629 | Roy, S. C. Dutta

Biofuels: concern about substrate selection
p. 0630 | Syal, Sudhir; Kumari, Mamta

Natural groundwater recharging ponds: struggle for survival
p. 0630 | Vashisht, A. K.; Vashisht, S. R.

Some taxonomic inaccuracies in conservation publications
p. 0631 | Bahir, M. M.

Collapse of beneficial microbial communities and deterioration of soil health: a cause for reduced crop productivity
p. 0633 | Seneviratne, Gamini

Soil as a source and/or sink for carbon
p. 0634 | Kumaraswamy, S.

Soil as a source and/or sink for carbon(Response)
p. 0634 | Krishnayya, N. S. R.

Impact factor does not have to monopolize scientific journals ranking
p. 0634 | Kozak, Marcin

Launch of Homi Bhabha birth centenary celebrations
p. 0635 | Sheth, Parul R.

Avian biology
p. 0636 | Sethi, Vinaya Kumar; Bhatt, Dinesh; Kumar, Amit

Research News
Invisibility cloaks
p. 0638 | Rajput, Abhay S. D.

Indian biological sciences: aiming even higher
p. 0639 | Ramaswami, Mani

A statistical test of astrology
p. 0641 | Narlikar, Jayant V.; Kunte, Sudhakar; Dabholkar, Narendra; Ghatpande, Prakash

The global importance of patents
p. 0643 | Bera, Rajendra K.

Scientific Correspondence
The melting of the Siachen glacier
p. 0646 | Upadhyay, Rajeev

Present state of the three tidal inlets of the Pulicat Lake: facts from remote sensing and field surveys
p. 0648 | Rao, K. Nageswara; Subraelu, P.; Rajawat, A. S.; Ajai

General Articles
Nanoscience and nanotechnology: ethical, legal, social and environmental issues
p. 0651 | Patra, Debasmita; Ejnavarzala, Haribabu; Basu, Prajit K.

An enforceable international compact for infectious diseases: strategies to operationalize new initiatives to strengthen global health security
p. 0658 | Rubin, Harvey; Rao, C. Kameswara

Review Articles
On the cytotoxicity of carbon nanotubes
p. 0664 | Hussain, M. A.; Kabir, M. A.; Sood, A. K.

Waterlogging tolerance: nonsymbiotic haemoglobin-nitric oxide homeostasis and antioxidants
p. 0674 | Sairam, R. K.; Kumutha, D.; Ezhilmathi, K.

Research Communications
Spatial pattern of methane emissions from Indian livestock
p. 0683 | Chhabra, Abha; Manjunath, K. R.; Panigrahy, Sushma; Parihar, J. S.

Molecular diagnosis of transgenic tomato with osmotin gene using multiplex polymerase chain reaction
p. 0689 | Randhawa, Gurinder Jit; Singh, Monika; Chhabra, Rashmi; Guleria, Smriti; Sharma, Ruchi

Production of andrographolide from adventitious root cultures of Andrographis paniculata
p. 0694 | Praveen, N.; Manohar, S. H.; Naik, P. M.; Nayeem, A.; Jeong, J. H.; Murthy, H. N.

Climatic influence on radial growth of Pinus wallichiana in Ziro Valley, Northeast Himalaya
p. 0697 | Shah, Santosh K.; Bhattacharyya, Amalava; Chaudhary, Vandana

Climate change and its impact on the Himalayan glaciers - a case study on the Chorabari glacier, Garhwal Himalaya, India
p. 0703 | Chaujar, Ravinder Kumar

Late Holocene changes in hypoxia off the west coast of India: Micropalaeontological evidences
p. 0708 | Nigam, R.; Prasad, V.; Mazumder, A.; Garg, R.; Saraswat, R.; Henriques, P. J.

Production of epsom, gypsum and other industrial products from the mill tailings of Jhamarkotra rock phosphate project, India
p. 0713 | Ranawat, P. S.; Kumar, K. Mohan; Sharma, Navin K.

Book Reviews
Water First: Issues and Challenges for Nations and Communities in South Asia by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Robert J. Wasson (eds)
p. 0718 | Sharma, K. D.

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2008 by R. Jeanloz Et Al(eds)
p. 0719 | Ghosh, Prosenjit

Membrane Separation Processes by Kaushik Nath
p. 0720 | Kumar, Anil

School Health Services in India. The Social and Economic Contexts by Rama V. Baru (ed. )
p. 0721 | Rajaraman, Divya

Personal News
N. V. G. Sarma (1931-2008)
p. 0723 | Swarup, Govind; Ananthkrishnan, S.

Historical Notes
Homi Jehangir Bhabha and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 0725 | Wadia, Spenta R.

The Indian Science Congress Association
p. 0734

p. 0735

p. 0736

p. 0737

Department of Physics
p. 0738

Call for Proposals: India-US Travel Program
p. 0738

Tezpur University
p. 0739

Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology Cell (OASTC)
p. 0739

Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust
p. 0740

p. 0740

p. 0741

Department of Microbiology
p. 0741

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)
p. 0742

p. 0742

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