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Volume 97 - Issue 06: 25 Sep, 2009
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0740

Cooperation, Conflict and Competition
p. 0741 | Balaram, P.

Karthick Chander Bose
p. 0743 | Bose, Indrani

Funding delayed means research retarded
p. 0743 | Chattopadhyay, Naibedya

Litmus test for assessing research performance
p. 0744 | Rajagopal, V.

Top universities lead scientific innovation
p. 0744 | Ye, Fred Y.

Need for conservation of wetlands in arid Kachchh region
p. 0745 | Prusty, B. Anjan Kumar

Meeting Report
Environment and hydrometeorological disasters - land, water and agriculture context
p. 0747 | Gupta, Anil K.

Research News
Milking diatoms - a new route to sustainable energy
p. 0748 | Yadugiri, V. T.

Ranking of Indian universities for their research output and quality using a new perfor­mance index
p. 0751 | Prathap, Gangan; Gupta, B. M.

Arsenic groundwater contamination in parts of middle Ganga plain, Bihar
p. 0753 | Saha, Dipankar

General Articles
Science and the ethics of curiosity
p. 0756 | Sarukkai, Sundar

Biotechnology - applications to environmental remediation in resource exploitation
p. 0768 | Sen, Ranen; Chakrabarti, Sharadindra

Research Articles
Amplified Msf tides at Kochi backwaters on the southwest coast of India
p. 0776 | Joseph, Antony; Balachandran, K. K.; Mehra, Prakash; Prabhudesai, R. G.; Kumar, Vijay; Agarvadekar, Yogesh; Revichandran, C.; Dabholkar, Nitin

Special Section: Astronomy (Guest Editor: T. Padmanabhan)
Frontiers in space astronomy
p. 0785 | Bhattacharya, Dipankar

Low frequency observations of high redshift galaxies
p. 0793 | Chengalur, Jayaram N.

X-ray views of neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries
p. 0804 | Bhattacharyya, Sudip

Galaxy surveys
p. 0821 | Bharadwaj, Somnath

Analytical models of the intergalactic medium and reionization
p. 0841 | Choudhury, Tirthankar Roy

Learning about the Universe from Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
p. 0858 | Seshadri, T. R.

An introduction to inflation and cosmological perturbation theory
p. 0868 | Sriramkumar, L.

A primer on problems and prospects of dark energy
p. 0887 | Sami, M.

The solar interior
p. 0911 | Antia, H. M.

Research Communications
Reanalysis of rDNA-ITS2 region sequences of Anopheles cf. culicifacies 'Bluchistan' revealed conspecificity to A. dthali
p. 0923 | Raghavendra, K.; Reddy, B. P. Niranjan; Dash, A. P.; Das, Aparup

Increasing prolificacy and ewe efficiency in sheep through FecB gene introgression
p. 0925 | Mishra, A. K.; Arora, A. L.; Kumar, Satish

Fuel properties and combustion characteristics of Lantana camara and Eupatorium spp.
p. 0930 | Kumar, Ritesh; Chandrashekar, N.; Pandey, K. K.

Ground insect community responses to habitat restoration efforts in the Attappady hills, Western Ghats, India
p. 0935 | Ramalingam, Ravi; Rajan, Priyadarsanan Dharma

Overlap index: a measure to assess flowering synchrony among teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f) clones in seed orchards
p. 0941 | Gunaga, Rajesh P.; Vasudeva, R.

Strain estimation from the fabrics of deformed rocks
p. 0946 | Srivastava, Hari B.

Book Reviews
Secret Lives: Biodiversity of the Indian Institute of Science Campus by Natasha Mhatre
p. 0950 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

The New Invisible College: Science for Development by Caroline S. Wagner
p. 0951 | Bhattacharya, Sujit

Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease, 2009 by Abul K. Abbas, Stephen J. Galli and Peter M. Howley (eds)
p. 0952 | Pai, Sanjay A.

Historical Notes
Darwin as a botanist
p. 0954 | Maheshwari, Ramesh

Scribner Associates Inc.
p. 0959

p. 0960

Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
p. 0961

Call for preliminary proposals for DST funding in the field of 'Growth of Technologically Important Crystals'
p. 0962

p. 0963

Refresher Course on Biotechnology and Modern Molecular Biology Techniques
p. 0964

Indo-US Student Visitation Program in Physics
p. 0965

Indo-US Visiting Professorship in Physics
p. 0965

p. 0966

Advertisement for the Position of Senior Research Fellow (SRF)
p. 0966

Mahatma Gandhi University
p. 0967

DST Sponsored SERC School in Chronobiology 2010
p. 0967

Department of Chemistry, University of Pune
p. 0968

Advertisement for Research Positions (JRF and RA)
p. 0968

Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science
p. 0969

British Council
p. 0969

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
p. 0970

SWB - Scholars without Borders
p. 0970

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