Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 98 - Issue 10: 25 May, 2010
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1266

Social Scientists, Natural Scientists and Sociobiology
p. 1267 | Balaram, P.

Nobel science
p. 1269 | Sharma, Om P.

Aerosol and CO emissions during meji burning
p. 1270 | Hoque, Raza Rafiqul; Deka, Pratibha

Disaster looms large over Joshimath
p. 1271 | Bisht, M. P. S.; Rautela, Piyoosh

Oral history - Jagadish Chandra Bose
p. 1272 | Singh, Rajinder

The earliest record of Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) in India
p. 1272 | Paul, T. K.

Bt brinjal: Good or bad?
p. 1273 | Yadugiri, V. T.

The man who refused the Fields Medal may also refuse a million dollars
p. 1279 | Rosalind Ezhil K.

Meeting Report
Barter system, biodiversity and livelihoods of tribal communities: cultural diversity and conservation in eastern Himalaya, Arunachal Pradesh
p. 1280 | Singh, Ranjay K.

Southeast Asia regional climate change and health issues
p. 1282 | Das, Surajit

In Conversation
Raghu Murtugudde
p. 1284 | Monto, Geethanjali

Disaster management plans in view of recent earthquakes
p. 1287 | Bapat, Arun

Scientific Correspondence
Kolleru lake revisited: the post 'Operation Kolleru' scenario
p. 1289 | Rao, K. Nageswara; Kumar, K. Ch. V. Naga; Subraelu, P.; Demudu, G.; Reddy, B. Visweswara; Malini, B. Hema

Microbial threat to fossil repository
p. 1292 | De, Chandrav

General Articles
Critiquing SRI criticism: beyond scepticism with empiricism
p. 1294 | Thakur, Amod K.

Zinc biofortification of food grains in relation to food security and alleviation of zinc malnutrition
p. 1300 | Prasad, Rajendra

Review Articles
The light reactions of photosynthesis
p. 1305 | Renger, Gernot

Research Articles
Effective interventional approach to control anaemia in pregnant women
p. 1320 | Susheela, A. K.; Mondal, N. K.; Gupta, Rashmi; Ganesh, Kamla; Brahmankar, Shashikant; Bhasin, Shammi; Gupta, G.

Is the biological productivity in the Bay of Bengal light limited?
p. 1331 | Kumar, S. Prasanna; Narvekar, Jayu; Nuncio, M.; Kumar, Ajoy; Ramaiah, N.; Sardesai, S.; Gauns, Mangesh; Fernandes, Veronica; Paul, Jane

Database management system for Khulgad Watershed, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India
p. 1340 | Rawat, J. S.

Temporal change detection in two watershed areas of Kumaon region and its impact on livelihood of forest fringe communities
p. 1349 | Dasgupta, Saibal; Kumar, Rajesh; Tripathi, Sushila

Research Communications
AVO response for a complex double bottom simulating reflectors model
p. 1354 | Rajput, Sanjeev; Thakur, N. K.; Rao, P. P.; Joshi, Anand

Arsenic-contaminated groundwater in Holocene sediments from parts of Middle Ganga Plain, Uttar Pradesh, India
p. 1359 | Shah, Babar Ali

Defining optimum spectral narrow bands and bandwidths for agricultural applications
p. 1365 | Ray, S. S.; Jain, Namrata; Miglani, Anshu; Singh, J. P.; Singh, A. K.; Panigrahy, Sushma; Parihar, J. S.

Is stem twining form of Basella alba L. a naturally occurring variant?
p. 1370 | Roy, Subhash Kanti; Gangopadhyay, Gaurab; Mukherjee, Kalyan Kumar

Changes in honeybee behaviour and biology under the influence of cellphone radiations
p. 1376 | Sharma, Ved Parkash; Kumar, Neelima R.

Impact of tuna longline fishery on the sea turtles of Indian seas
p. 1378 | Varghese, Sijo P.; Varghese, S.; Somvanshi, V. S.

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Plant Biology, 2008 by S. Merchant, W. R. Briggs and V. L. Chandler (eds)
p. 1385 | Pathak, Ravi Ramesh; Raghuram, N.

Annual Review of Phyto­pathology, 2009 by Neal K. Van Alfen, George Bruening and William O. Dawson (eds)
p. 1387 | Shetty, H. Shekar

Personal News
P. C. Vaidya (1918-2010)
p. 1389 | Narlikar, Jayant V.

Gopi Krishna Podila (1957-2010)
p. 1390 | Reddy, M. Sudhakara

Department of Atomic Energy
p. 1391

Mangalore University
p. 1393

p. 1394

Bombay Natural History Society
p. 1395

Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 1396

University of Hyderabad
p. 1397

Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
p. 1398

p. 1399

Department of Science and Technology
p. 1400

Second Indian Youth Science Congress
p. 1401

Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University
p. 1401

University of Pune
p. 1402

p. 1402

Call for Preliminary Research Proposals on Faunal Research of NE Region
p. 1403

Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 1403

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
p. 1404

UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
p. 1404

Centre for Environment Management of Degraded Ecosystems (CEMDE)
p. 1405

Annamalai University
p. 1405

Mesoscopic Physics and Spectroscopy
p. 1406

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1406

Position of Junior Research Fellow (JRF)
p. 1406

Department of Botany, Hislop College, Nagpur
p. 1406

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1407

International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
p. 1407

National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Goa
p. 1407

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
p. 1407

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